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    Monitoring subpages for a default WebApp are empty in WLS Console

    Dimitar Dimitrov
      Hi guys,

      I have been experiencing a little problem with the WLS Admin Console. I have an ADF application, which is deployed as an Enterprise Application (say MyEnterpriseAppl) which contains a Web Application (say MyWebAppl). The content root of the Web Application is /myappl. I have designated this Web application as a default application for the managed servers where the application runs (by specifying /myappl in Server -> Protocol -> HTTP -> Default WebApp Context Root). The problem is that when I navigate in WLS Console to the monitoring subpage for my Web Application (e.g. open Deployments -> MyEnterpriseAppl -> MyWebAppl -> Monitoring) all the subpages are empty (e.g. tabs "WebApplications", "Servlets", "Sessions" are empty). However, if I have not designated the Web application as a default application, I am able to see the necessary information in these subpages.

      My WLS version is 10.3.6, although I have always been experiencing this problem (since 10.3.2 which was my first WLS version).

      Is this a bug or I am missing something?