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    Larger Internal DIsks in X4600 m2?

      Oracle/Sun only supports up to 300GB internal 2.5" SAS disks in the X4600m2. Has anyone tried larger SAS disks? There are now 1TB 2.5" SAS drives.

      Also, I'm wondering if 2.5" SATA drives would work. They have the same cabling and many controllers can handle both SAS and SATA. Also the service manual


      refers to supporting SAS and SATA drives, but I don't really understand if thats for the internals with the motherboard controller.

      By the way, this would probably be for Linux not Solaris.
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          The internal SAS controller is an LSI SAS1064 which supports both SAS and SATA. Never tried a SATA drive in that system. The reason Oracle doesn't support larger drives is the heat issue. I have no doubt the larger drives will work electrically, but keeping them cool might be an issue. If you have a well-ventilated data center you might get away with it. You know the 'ol saying - your mileage may vary..,.