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    Privilege Delegation problem

      Hello All
      i hope anybody can help me to understand the Privilege Delegation feature

      one exambles (Unix OS (AIX))

      My Listener and the database is running with user B on the OS . User B does not have OS login rights . We must login with user A and change to user B to manage the listener and the database .
      In the EM12C the User A has the Run Privilege Sudo an run as user B listed .

      When i shutdown the LISTENER with User A (run as B) the LISTENER goes down . When i startup the LISTENER with user A (run as B ) the LISTENER starts and the listener process run as user B . thats fine .

      The same examble with the database ends with that that the database run as user A instead as user B

      on the os i have the following entry in the sudoers file .

      a ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/su - b, (b) /products/oracle/agent12g/sbin/nmosudo

      i hope anybody can help me

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