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    Weblogic 11g  loads wrong classes after some uptime and load


      We have xmlsec-1.4.5.jar in our web-inf/libs folder which contains some classes that overlap rt.jar (org.jcp.xml.dsig.internal.dom.*). Since this is not in the endorsed directory I would expect it to use the rt.jar classes when running. When the web-app first starts it correctly uses the rt.jar classes but after some uptime and load it eventually incorrectly loads a class from the xmlsec-1.4.5.jar. Any ideas how this can happen? We do have prefer web-inf libs set in the weblogic.xml.

      The class is instantiated as a spring bean and it only appears to get initialized once.


      sorry i meant to post this in weblogic server general but don't know how to move it. Can an admin please move it.

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