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    OVS321 upgrade to OVS322 I've lost all the storage connectors

      Hello anyone.

      I have upgrade my working OVS321 to OVS322 using the information posted


      I downloaded the patch https://updates.oracle.com/Orion/PatchDetails/process_form?patch_num=16410417

      Installation went well and the errors in the readme where there but the manager works, im able to login.

      But I went to discover an NFS storage server, from the drop down the plug information for generic storage plugin have now disappeared.

      Apparently the plugins should be there

      Im not able to find anything here

      Just for fun i went to install the ZFS plugin and got this message
      rpm -ivh osc-oracle-s7k-0.1.2-45.el5.noarch.rpm
      error: Failed dependencies:
      osc-plugin-manager >= 1.2.7 is needed by osc-oracle-s7k-0.1.2-45.el5.noarch

      Does anyone know where i can find the default storage plugs from the upgrade media or anywhere else?
      Has anyone got a workaround for this problem?