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    Stand Alone Listener 2.0.1 slow page loading

      Testing the new 2.0.1 Listener in stand alone. The page loads are oddly slow. Results returned directly from the database come up instantly. Things related to the theme of the Apex Application load kind of slow. We are using one of the default themes, but it takes a couple seconds for elements of the page such as the menu to load. I'm experiencing the same behaviour on 2 different servers with both the 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 listeners. I've tried a variety of things troubleshooting. I'm just wondering if anybody else has a similar situation.

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          Mine is slow too

          After I deployed the apex listener on Glassfish it runs faster but still slow
          Also I saw in other thread that running in iexplorer improves performance, but you have to check the option under

          Internet options->connections->lan settings-> check automatically detect settings
          That didn't work for me but maybe it does for you

          Hope that helps...