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    How to check if the member exists in essbase cube using IF cond.


      I have a requirement to validate certain accounts and if they exist or not and use them in calc. We have certain list of percent accounts which have some driver amounts. If the user selects the parent account, it should automatically calc with percent accounts to generate the values for all its children.

      The issue is we have lots of accounts and lots of percent accounts, its not that all accounts have the percent accounts. thats the problem.

      When I Fix at a high level of accounts, am getting this error which says that member doesnt exists and return empty member set.

      Error executing formula for [Revcnt] (line 49): attempt to cross a null member in function [@X]

      Its the same even if I use Set Emptymembersets ON;

      The script is below,



      Condition ;



      Is there a command to validate if the member exists in the cube or not???

      We are using Essbase on Windows 64bit.