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    Upgrade warning msg


      Trying to upgrade RAC database from to Grid and ASM upgrade done sucesfully. When i am trying to upgrade the RAC database using DBCA(invoked from11gr2 home), i get the following choices.

      1. DBNAME - PROD

      Choosing the DB name (ignoring the sid-node1) i get the following message.

      The database PROD does not have any cluster configuration and also not listed in the registry of remote cluster nodes. do you want the dbua to upgrade it as single instance database ?
      click yes to upgrade as single instance No to Continue as Cluster upgrade.

      It says the db doesnt' have cluster configuration, eventhough this DB is a 2 node RAC

      I guess i have to Click NO and go ahead with upgrade. Before going ahead with NO, i just want to make sure this is normal behaviour and everything is ok.

      ( I did try by removing all env variables and then invoked dbua from 11gr2 home, Still i get this msg.
      The rac was manually converted from single instance to RAC/ASM sometime back, which is going for upgrade now.
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          Hungry DBA

          Better way is to restoring RMAN Backup on Single node of and then create required cluster related services instead of DBUA. It would be quicker and without any hassle.

          Manish Nashikkar
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            please refer below notes.....hope it will helpful to you....

            RACcheck Upgrade Readiness Assessment [ID 1457357.1

            Sr DBA.

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              Satishbabu Gunukula
              Follow the steps,

              1. From the database Oracle home, run the srvctl command to add the database configuration information to OCR.

              2. On all nodes of the cluster, add the following entry to the oratab file:

              You should be able to upgrade.

              Convert Single Instance to RAC – Part1: Duplicate DB using RMAN
              Convert Single Instance to RAC – Part2: Manually Convert to RAC