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    Non-multipathing device (sd..) is visible to Oracleasm

      Hi All,

      We have made following changes in running RAC setup to convert ASMLib disks to access "Multipath Devices" rather than "SD Devices". After such modification, I belive that "SD devices" should not be visible in "oracleasm querydisk" command. But still command "oracleasm querydisk" is able to access "SD devices" (sdb1).

      1. Modified parameter in "etc/sysconfig/oracleasm" :-

      # ORACLEASM_SCANORDER: Matching patterns to order disk scanning

      # ORACLEASM_SCANEXCLUDE: Matching patterns to exclude disks from scan

      2. SD device (sdb1) is still visible in below command output.

      root@live02-node2 ~]# oracleasm querydisk -p DISK1
      Disk "DISK1" is a valid ASM disk
      /dev/sdb1: LABEL="DISK1" TYPE="oracleasm"
      /dev/mapper/mpath1p1: LABEL="DISK1" TYPE="oracleasm"

      Could please advise on following questions .

      1. Why "SD device" (sdb1) is visible even though required changes has been made in the configuration?

      2. Where does oracleasm collect "SD device" (sdb1) information?

      3. What oracle does while creating ASM disk by command "oracleasm createdisk"?