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    deactivating Compadibility Mode in Internet Explorer

      Greetings to the community.

      I am using theme 24 - Cloudy - in Apex 4.2.1, which provides in the html header
      <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=egde,chrome=1">
      also the document starts with
      <!doctype html>
      which should according to the documentation set the IE in propper display mode, not messing up the css. Still it doesn't, but is set to Compadibility Mode. Has anyone an idea how I can get the shitty IE to work propperly?

      THanks very much,
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          I have for now fixed the problem, that some css and js was not working on IE9. There is definitely more to it, which I have to look into later on, but I would at least like to pass this following information on to you:

          The "cloudy"-theme page-template also includes the browser switches
          <!--[if lt IE 7 ]> <html class="ie6 no-css3" lang="&BROWSER_LANGUAGE."> <![endif]-->
          <!--[if IE 7 ]>    <html class="ie7 no-css3" lang="&BROWSER_LANGUAGE."> <![endif]-->
          <!--[if IE 8 ]>    <html class="ie8 no-css3" lang="&BROWSER_LANGUAGE."> <![endif]-->
          <!--[if IE 9 ]>    <html class="ie9" lang="&BROWSER_LANGUAGE."> <![endif]-->
          <!--[if (gt IE 9)|!(IE)]><!--> <html lang="&BROWSER_LANGUAGE."> <!--<![endif]-->
          I entirely removed that. Now IE9 renders propperly.

          I have found this MSDN article about compatibility mode, which I'll also have to look into at given time.