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    Apex Listener 2.0 and Websphere 8.0


      I am a long time reader and a first time poster in the apex community.
      Currently I am working on a very specific task and I could need some input here.

      I am looking for a way to deploy apex listener to IBM Websphere 8.0 and I am curious if there is anyone out who already got it working.
      I got apex 4.2 on oracle 11g running with either apex listener in standalone mode and ohs + apache modplsql.

      Our environment parameters are

      Oracle 11g
      Apex 4.2
      Apex Listener 2.0
      IBM Websphere 8.0

      Here is how far along I came

      Database (11g):
      - Apex 4.2 installed on Oracle 11g

      Application Server (IBM Websphere 8.0):
      - JDBC provider created
      - J2C alias created
      - Data source created

      Apex Listener:
      - JDK 1.6.0_34 installed
      - Apex Listener configuration via java -jar apex.war

      I have deployed apex.war to Websphere and set the context root to /*

      Next step was creating i.war for apex images.

      I started with java -jar apex.war static <apex directory>\images

      Here I got stuck a bit. My idea was to add another xml file to i.war with Websphere specifics.
      When looking at the created archive i.war I only found the WEB-INF directory with the coresponding xml files,
      but no images. I was expecting the images to be included in i.war.

      Here is what I did

      C:\Oracle\apex_listener_20>java -jar apex.war static C:\Oracle\apex42\apex\images\

      WAR-Generierung abgeschlossen
      WAR-Verzeichnis : C:\Oracle\apex_listener_20\i.war
      Context-Pfad : /i
      Statische Ressourcen : C:\Oracle\apex42\apex\images\

      Does anybody know what's wrong here?

      Another approach would be to copy the image directory to the application server and
      set file serving options accordingly. Since I have no experience with Websphere I yet need to find out how to do that.
      Any hints on how to go along from here are very much appreciated!

      Thanks, Natascha