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    User store for OAM

      I am setting OID as default User store for OAM 11gR2. And shall continue to use the internal UserIdentityStore1 as Security Store.
      Is this ok? What is best practice.
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          You can use OID as user store.

          -- SP
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            This should be fine and is recommended way.

            When trying to set this up. I would recommend keep few things in mind. i.e. Make sure that you are having a new LDAP Authentication Module created for default User Identity Store. You don't want to create a mess out of your Authentication Modules and Authentication scheme configurations. Few of the OOTB Authentication Schemes use LDAP Authentication Module. If you change the User IdentityStore for it. Then your system store would be UserIdentityStore1 whereas the OAMConsoleScheme and other Authentication Schemes will be using LDAP Module which will be pointing to your OID's User Identity Store instead of your System Store.