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    Canceling Edit Filter Formula Causes Bad XML Instance Error

      We are using OBIEE in one environment and it is behaving oddly when the Edit Formula window is opened. I am working in Chrome Version 25.0.1364.152.

      When I do this I get an error:

      On a Criteria tab with a Filter, click Edit Filter.
      In the Edit Filter window click Edit Formula.
      In the Edit Formula window, click Cancel or close the window with the "X" button at the top right.
      Close the Edit Filter window by any means.

      When the Edit Filter window is closed by clicking OK, the filter I was editing is added again to the bottom of the list. This does not happen when the Edit Filter window is Canceled or "X-ed out".

      The same error also occurs when I add a new filter, open the Edit Formula window and close it without saving, though only one instance of the new filter is generated.

      Once done, the error is returned when I either try to save the report or navigate to a different tab. A window pops up that says my XML instance is invalid. I compared the XML to the original and found the difference. The filtered column is being added to the list of columns, but it lacks an xsi:type attribute, and without that the error is generated. This is what is added to the XML:

      <saw:column columnID="c313ce603ea9f162d">
      <sawx:expr xsi:type="sawx:sqlExpression">"Folder Name"."Filtered Column"</sawx:expr>

      This is a development environment, so the consensus is that we'll wait and see if this is resolved when we upgrade in the near future, but I'd like to know if there's anything I can do about it in the meantime.

      Thanks for your time!