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    stop resource

      Hello all, I have a strange issue with a resource type cluster_resource.

      Grid version
      SLES 11.1 x86_64

      It's not a rac, only clusterware with two nodes.

      I have a disk_group (APP) and on top of it an ACFS file system mounte, let say, in /home/ACFS
      I have a resource called app.res and a script app.sh in $ORACLE_HOME/crs/public/. Resource it's running fine, starting, stopping .. etc.
      This resource group start a software is is located on AVFS file system, in /home/ACFS/app.

      As I said resource is starting, relocating, stopipng just fine BUT when I run
      crsctl stop crs
      then resource group which is responsable for the disk_group APP is stopped before the application. I have tried to configure stop_dependencies with shutdown and intermediate but without any luck.

      Maybe someone can help me ?

      Thank you in advance.