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    OEM 11G software doubt

    user 777111
      Hi All,

      I have been given a task to setup OEM 11G grid control on RHEL 5.1 linux server.Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.1 (Tikanga) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

      I am trying to get the necessary software list for this setup.

      While i went to edelivery website, i see the below

      Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 11g Release 1 ( for Oracle Linux 5.3-5.5 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0-5.5 (32-bit and 64-bit)
      Part Number V24008-01
      Size 1.1G

      Will the above be the correct grid control software for my server?

      Also can you please let me know what weblogic software version and database verion i need to install for OEM 11G ?

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          Ops Center is a different product to Grid Control, so you need a different download to the one you referenced.

          The download page for Enterprise Manager software on OTN is here

          When you go to download 11g Grid Control you will receive the following message:
          "Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g is no longer available for download. The software is available as a media request for those customers who own a valid Enterprise Manager product license purchased prior to September 30, 2012. To request access to the media, follow Note.1071023.1 from My Oracle Support "

          The reason for this is that 11g Grid Control has been superseded by 12c Cloud Control. It is recommended that for new deployments you install 12c Cloud Control if possible rather than 11g Grid Control. Is there a specific reason why you need 11g?

          Thanks, Mark.
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            user 777111
            Thanks Mark! Yes even i saw the same in the oracle website before i posted my thread here.

            There is no specific reason i am looking for 11G. I have been told to install OEM. So i thought let me go with 11G.

            So is 12C also the same as like 11G. I have 10G and 11G databases , application server and middleware servers as targets which needs to be monitored with agents.

            I have went through the entire 11G setup document and i was prepared to do the same.

            So you are saying i have to request to oracle to ship the 11G grid software? Will they ask for any license cost fee or something like that?

            Also on the other hand, just trying to understand, so will the 12c also does all the same functionality and support which 11G was doing correct?