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    Global Inheriting - Controlling hierarchy

      Hello All,
      I am working with HFM properties in DRM. I want to set some as Global Nodes / Inheriting which means I need to assign a controlling hierarchy. Assume the following: I have multiple Account hierarchies, multiple entity hierarchies and then a gang of Custom hierarchies. There are some HFM properties which exist across hierarchies such as 'Is Calculated'. How do I assign a controlling hierarchy for a property where the nodes span across different hierarchy groups? For example, I can't assign an account hierarchy as the controlling hierarchy as the 'IsCalculated' property exists for nodes in entity and custom hierarchies as well.

      Many, many thanks in advance for your assistance!
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          If i am getting your whole issue...right, Here is what you can do

          You can Create the properties as local Inherited if you want (Inherited if it has to be),
          The nodes can be created in a single Primary hierarchy(Whichever hierarchy you create the nodes in) and you can bring them into your group pf hierarchies by inserting it wherever required.

          The properties can still be kept local to the hierarchies.

          Let me know if this answers your doubt or if there is something else you need clarity on.