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    migration question

      We are currently working towards migrating all of our databases which are currently on HPUX and HP Itanium. We are looking to move to on AIX platfrom.
      I have a dev hpux database that is comprised of 576 tablespaces and 851 schemas...(yes it's ugly).
      The database is 120gb in total size.
      I am trying to come up with the best method to achieve the goal of getting this database onto an instance on an AIX server.
      I am thinking that using datapump is a bit of a nightmare with the amount of tablespaces/schemas they have created and I do not believe that rman duplicate will be able to work between the two different rdbms versions?
      Are there any other options that I could use here?
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          Why does the number of tablespaces and schemas affect the reasonability of using DataPump? Assuming that your intention is to generate a full export rather than doing a schema-by-schema export (or a tablespace-by-tablespace export), the number of schemas and tablespaces shouldn't matter. If you are intending to change your directory structure as well as moving to a different version, you'd probably want to precreate the tablespaces before doing the import. But that should be relatively easy to automate once you get past a handful of data files.

          Is your downtime window large enough to handle doing a DataPump export and import? If it is, that's generally the easiest option.

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            Datapump is a good option. I believe, it will create the tablespaces automatically while importng full database as long as you have same disk layout.

            Check this link if you want to use RMAN to restore to different version

            RMAN Restore of Backups as Part of a Database Upgrade [ID 790559.1]. You can restore if your OS endians are same.
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              Use Datapump.
              If you have same disk layout, IMPDP will automatically create all required tablespaces and users.
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                Downtime is not really an issue as these are primarily dev and qa databases. I was trying to avoid having to pre create all of those tablespaces because we are trying to use ASM for the storage on the new systems.
                I see in some of the posts that datapump will automagically create the tablespaces if I do a full datapump export/import and I was not aware that datapump would actually be able to do that so it sounds like it may be possible to just create the same file systems and do full datapump to move the data...?
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                  thanks for your reply. So as long as I have the same file systems impdp will be able to create the tablespaces? What if we want to use ASM on the target system, is that possible?
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                    If you have ASM in your source schema then YES by making same diskgroup names in your target database, you will be able to use datapump and import your database successfully.

                    Please mark your question answered if you got your solution
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                      Thank you I think I have the question answered.