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    Only some MSAD accounts can log into DRM, not others...

    Benjamin Finkel

      I'm having trouble allowing some Microsoft Active Directory accounts to access DRM web client. Both Shared Services and my Weblogic server are configured to see the AD, and all of the users in question. However, many of my user accounts cannot log in.

      The main thing dividing them appears to be the node of the AD tree that they're under. While both Weblogic and SS are pointed to "OU=Accounts", there are two sub-nodes in that node "Users" and "Services". Users in the "Users" node can log in just fine, but not users from the "Services" node.

      Can anyone provide some additional direction for me? When I use Mixed Mode (Internal and CSS) where does DRM send those users to be authenticated? Shared Services?

      Thanks so much!