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    SOA restore


      We have SOA suite installed, and as to how to restore SOA,

      1. we can't use RMAN for tablespace/or full database restore. Because there are many other schemas , we just want to restore some messed up(or single) schemas in database. (sorry, all schemas resides in mixed way in a few tablespaces, they are not splited, or I can do )
      if we must use RMAN, we have to move all SOA related schemas to one/ or a few specific tablespace(s), when need to restore,
      We just restore/recover those related tablespaces, which won’t impact other schemas availability.

      2. flashback ==> can't use it, because it has so many limitations.

      3. the optional solution to restore SOA by far we figured out solution is :

      1: Recreate user using RCU
      2: Import mds
      3: Import owsm policies.

      *back up and restore SOA Metadata Repository MDS by using Weblogic Scripting Tool (WSLT) to do export/import (like, exportMetada, importMetadata or GUI tool Fusion Middleware Control),

      1. what about the third option, is that workable?
      2. for Step2 and Step 3, that is middleware person to do. (if I am not wrong)
      Becuase I am Oracle DBA here, so to restore SOA, from DBA's perspective, we more focue on database side. for step 1, Is there much a DBA can do in step 1?

      more orignal question is " how to backup and restore SOA from the database side?"

      If anyone has good adivce or documentations, please let me know.

      Thank you very much in advance!!!