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    Pro*Cobol aborts without errormessage


      we are using the Pro*Cobol Precompiler for embedded SQl in Cobol-Programs.
      Today I got a program abort without a helpful message (please see below).

      Is there a possibilty to get more informations from the Pro*Cobol?

      The program abort:

      Pro*COBOL: Release - Production on Do Mrz 14 11:34:50 2013
      Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.
      System-Standardoptionswerte aus: /oracle/HMOT/precomp/admin/pcbcfg.cfg
      PCB-I-0556: Abbruchfehler. Vorherige Fehlerbedingungen auflösen und Vorkompilierung erneut durchführen

      It means:
      PCB-I-0556: Unrecoverable error. Fix previous errors and re-precompile

      Thanks and Regards,