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    [nQSError : 92006[ Could not resovle the object -

      Hi All,

      I am on and this is what I did,

      I checked out a project called "Proj-1" from the MUD repository and then added couple of physical tables in the physical layer, brought them to the BMM and presentation layer. Checked the consistency and it came as fine.

      Now the issue is, that when I am trying to publish my repository back to network, after doing the merge it comes up with the following error for one of the tables/views which I just added to the physical layer

      [nQSError: 92006] Could not resolve the object
      "Sales"."Sales"."dbo".vwSalesQuality (UID : 0003g064-0cc8-0000-726c-e56d00000000)

      What could be the issue here? My repository consistency check comes clean? Can anybody please let me know what should I do to fix this error?