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    FTP/telnet issue on OL 5 64bit

      I am trying to enable FTP/Telnet on Oracle Linux server (64bit), i am still getting same error.

      I installed required RPM's

      [root@apps xinetd.d]# rpm -qa|grep telnet
      [root@apps xinetd.d]# rpm -qa|grep ftp
      [root@apps xinetd.d]# chkconfig telnet on
      error reading information on service telnet: No such file or directory
      [root@apps xinetd.d]#
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          I would expect the service to be called telnetd - why not simply list the services in +/etc/init.d+ and see what the telnet service's script is called?
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            FTP and Telnet are really obsolete and considered a security risk. Both were replaced by the SSH2 package many years ago. Btw, you should use YUM and not install some very old Fedora software using RPM under Enterprise Linux, which can break your system beyond repair.

            If you really need a FTP server, simply do the following without the need to install any additional software.
            cd /etc/xinetd.d/ 
            vi gssftp
            Change the following: 
            disable = yes to disable = no. 
            remove the –a option in the server_args line.
            /etc/init.d/xinetd restart
            You should now be able to FTP to your server.
            What was the outcome of your previous post here?
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