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    Copying just schema objects from one database to another. Need Advice.


      We are using Oracle 11g databases Prod and Dev on Windows.

      The Developers roll out changes to packages and its underlining objects on our in-house DEV schema on Database 1, these objects then get moved to the prod schema on Database 2. Just the objects get copied not the data, which remains constant. We do this by exporting and importing all the schema objects from DEV to PROD and then manually replacing <DEV schema name>.object_name to <PROD schema name>.object_name.

      The business now requires this task to be all automated via a script to save time and avoid any human error on doing such replacements by hand.

      Is there any better way of copying all source objects to target and a clever way to automate renaming the source schema name to target schema name for all objects?

      Any advice or scripts that can be shared would be highly appreciated.

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