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    MDS Migration Issues

      Migration issues of MDS –
      Say the timeline is as follows –
      --------2 PA ------------------1 PA------------------------3 PO---------------------

      At T1 I have made 2 changes in Project Accounting (PA) Artifacts. Those changes are migrated to MDS at T1 time.
      At T2 I have made 1 change in PA artifacts and they get migrated to MDS at T2 time.
      At T3 have made 3 changes in PO artifacts and they get migrated to MDS at T3 time.

      That was a happy timeline.

      Say 3 PO changes goes first, when 2 PA changes has gone in MDS.
      PO artifacts are referring some artifacts of PA. Now when at T3 , 3 PO changes gets into MDS , they are referring to 2 PA changes of T1.
      Let’s say 1 PA happens at T4.
      Now at T4 , PO is referring to 2 PA posted at T1, however it would get into errors as PA is modified at T4.

      MDS migration policy followed is as follows –
      1.     Any User with their changes updates the centralized user.
      2.     Centralized user will have the latest local MDS.
      His/hers local MDS is the source of truth to be migrated to SVN DEV trunk.
      3.     Once it’s at SVN DEV trunk , ANT will keep on moving it between environments- TEST,UAT,PRD etc.

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          Add on -

          It not the case that every developer is moving his/her artifacts to DEV SVN.
          It’s a centralized way and all developers send their artifacts to a Tech Lead who does the merging locally and then moves it to DEV MDS.

          Problem is –
          PO and PA old changes are already in production with their OLD MDS.

          Say at T1 PO and PA changes are both merged and moved along with their MDS to DEV.

          ANT will move those to TEST/UAT however only PO gets approved and PA Doesn’t gets approved to be moved to production.
          Now PO will be in production with an MDS which have latest PO artifacts and Latest PA artifacts.
          However the OLD PA which is already in production will still be referring to the OLD MDS artifacts of PA while new MDS with new artifact of PA is in production and hence PA will start getting into Errors.