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    Incompatible Software (client/server) upgrading client to Designer

    Rod Davidson
      While applying 10gR2_designer_10126.zip, the Universal Installer,after "Setup successful", fails on "Configuration pending" and tells me to send three files to Oracle Support. I've tried doing various combinations of re-install for three days and can now get the RAU to connect and make a repository backup, but I'm not able to connect Designer. I get the error "CDR-21704: Running incompatible versions of client and server software." I think I know what this means but what do I do to regain access? I am NOT the DBA so will have to coordinate remotely with DBA on server issues.

      My configuration:
      Client runs on Windows 7,
      RAU is now,
      Repository Release - Production
      Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition
      The last Repository patch CI04012.4_16_UPGRADE was successfully applied 15-SEP-09 12:50:38

      I am pretty handicapped without Designer. Thanks for any help.

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          Rod Davidson
          I got frustrated with the "incompatibility message" and, since I had made a Repository Export for backup, I boldly decided to Remove-All-Objects with the RAU. I then used the RAU Recreate button to construct an empty repository. After creating my Design username, I WAS able to connect without the software incompatibility message - but the repository was empty.... and the Import button was greyed-out.

          I have again removed-all-objects, and have the Import button now active. So am running an import now.....

          NOTE: When running the Remove-All-Objects in the RAU, it failed at 99% complete because the "drop TYPE SDD_ACC_PRIV_LIST" fails with "ORA-02303: cannot drop or replace a type with type or table dependents". Upon checking through TOAD, I found the dependent items have been deleted but are sitting in the Recycle-Bin. A Force-Delete removed SDD_ACC_PRIV_LIST and then the Import button became active.

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            Rod Davidson
            I apologize for raising any alarms. Especially after reading more blogs on Designer Admin (Forms), I was able to work through the problem myself. Our Repository is now up and running with the latest patch.

            As a followup to my previous post, I want to leave some tracks that may help others. After removing-all-objects a second time, the IMPORT button became active. I then imported my recent REPOSITORY backup (not a container backup) and found that I was back to the "incompatible software" message, BUT now the UPGRADE button was active which had not been active before. So I was able to Upgrade successfully and then did a Full Reconcile. This brought the repository up to version with patch # CI04012.4_17_UPGRADE applied.

            And now it all seems to run fine with my client version