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    Re: Barcode in Reports 10g

      I know this is an old post,
      Barcode in Reports 10g
      but I am facing the same problem here. Using reports, running on a Linux server.

      I have set this on <domain>config/FRComponent/frcommon/guicommon/tk/admin/uifont.ali:


      But generated PDF reports are not embedding the fonts, since I need to have them installed on the computer to see the barcode. I understand the parameter PDFEMBED is set to true by default. But my reports are called from Oracle Forms. How can I be sure the parameter is correct? What else could I check?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Denis Segard-Oracle

          The steps related to PDF Subsetting and PDF embedding are "extra" steps that occur after the step "Report formatting ".

          In order to take into account the line :
          XYZFONT = "XYZFONT.afm XYZFONT.pfa"

          the font used during the step "Report formatting " must be XYZFONT .

          Did you test to generate the Report with DESFORMAT=HTML ?

          Check in the HTML output the font name used for the "Barcode Field".

          For more details , you can refer to the document :
          Troubleshooting Guide for Font Aliasing / Font Subsetting / Font Embedding Issues (Doc ID 350971.1)

          Kind regards