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    Use of XQuery Update Facility

      Dear all,

      I am looking for some database systems that use the W3C XQuery Update facility specification to modify their data.
      To the best of my knowledge, no of well-known commercial database systems uses XQuery Update primitives.

      For instance, Oracle 11g defines some SQL/XML update functions (combined with some XQuery expressions) to modify XML data stored within the database through the XMLType data type.

      IBM DB2 9 uses SQL update statement to modify the whole XML document stored as an XML column and no update is proposed to modify parts of the document.

      Are there some database systems providing XQuery-Update-Facility-based update of their data.

      Thank you in advance.

      Best regards.
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          Were you aware of
          [url http://www.liberidu.com/blog/2011/09/22/oracle-xmldb-xquery-update-in-database-release-11-2-0-3-0/]Oracle XMLDB XQuery Update in Database Release
          Given it is new, expect a few bugs, such as

          If you have specific questions related to XQuery Update, the best place to ask them is over in the {forum:id=34} forum.