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    Java Applet HelloWorld "Getting Started With Applets" example not working

      Hi there,

      It's been ages since I ran my Linux CentOS boot of Linux but I am going through the official oracle java applet tutorials, just every time I try and run the "Hello World" applet in Firefox 17.0.3 and I am running the Iced Tea thing for java applets.

      Every time I try and run the example from the following code:
      import javax.swing.JApplet;
      import javax.swing.SwingUtilities;
      import javax.swing.JLabel;
      public class HelloWorld extends JApplet
        // called when the user enters the html page:
        public void init() // keep apps within the init() function very small as per the http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/deployment/applet/appletMethods.html
            SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait(new Runnable()
              public void run()
             JLabel myLabel = new JLabel("Hello World");
              } // end running the application
            }); //end of swing invokeand wait
          } catch (Exception error){ // end user running the app in page
             // System.err.println("GUI didn't work on initial run");
      It keeps bringing up the error "Start: Applet not initialized" I did google that basic error and from what I found I should consult the JavaConsole, I know the console was removed from the Firefox menu quite a while ago. So went to find a way of loading it using the IcedTea one but it keeps bringing up a load of errors in even trying to run that.

      Is there anyway of sorting this out? I mean I have even tried installing the one on the oracle website, the plain JDK but nothing seems to work.

      Is there anyone that can help me get applets working? I was even going to go as far as to reinstall my distro but I want to avoid that as much as possible.

      Thanks and I look forward to any replies,