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    How to convert the Variable with soap header to non soap variable.

      I am working on a customized flow simialr to ProcessSalesorderFulfillmentJMSCOnsumer and Requestor ABCS. I dont have the PIP codes for the Requestor adn JMS Consumer. i built my own Requester ABCS and JMS Consumer. When i am trying to send message from JMS Consumer to Requestor ABCS in a variable with a SOAP:Env and SOAP:body inside.

      Becoz of this i was not able to put a condition in my bpel flows. If i put a condtion on this variable like switch inputvariable:part:OrderType='NEW' and it was failing with selection failure. I tried copying the variable to a new variable and then to check the condition still it does not work for me. How do i convert the SOAP Message Variable to Non SOAP Message Variable.
      Can i know the message put by SIebel in JMS Queue was it SOAP converted adn then how they are going to handle in Process Sales order Requestor ABCS.
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          In JMS Consumer of order to cash pip, Instead of using a schema reference they use a Envolpe.zxsd file which will take care of conversion adn then other artibutes are mapped in a transformation file.
          Please take an export of jms consumer in jdeveloper and reverse engineer the code of JMS COnsumer Service.

          Envelope_To_ListOfSWIOrderIO is the xsl whcih converts the message in AIA Queue to a message in a SOAP. Please look into the transformation.

          Venugopal sss Raja