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    Production issue

      I am using 11g in linux Dev-box.When i install OBIEE11g in my dev box i given weblogi user name and password.After i migrated 10g report into 11g.After that my power user is GLOBAL not weblogic user.

      Now i installed PROD box(installation given weblogic user and pasword).
      DEV power user is GLOBAL not weblogic user
      IN PROD weblogic user is power (After migration GLOBAL user only power user)

      Now i have to migrate 11g all(catalog,security,Prvileges,RPD) dev into prod.(Fresh load in PROD).
      I did below ways.
      1.Dev RPD uploaed into PROD using EM
      2.Catalog folder created new in PROD then open catalog manager tool connecting dev and prod.
      Copied all folders(System,Users,Sharefolder) in dev then unarchive into PROD).

      3.In dev console export user and groups then imported in PROD console.

      4.In dev EM jas.....XML file only copied then past into to PROD manually.(For application role)

      Now in my PROD when i login GLOBAL user.He is not able to do all the activities. Even weblogic user also.Could you please let me know this is urgent.

      In dev i have varias users after migrationg dev into prod all users can able to login but priviles not proper.