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    Can not refresh page after save properly(When not saving master record)

      I am using jdeveloper 11g R2 ( JSF Facelet

      In some use case I have Address as master table and Person as detail table
      For some business reason I need to don't save same addresses

      If +1 Test St+ is in database already and new user coming and adding this address with new person
      I need to use the row in database not creating a new address

      I do saving in doDML method of Address with some hashing algorithm and it is fine

      My problem is that I can not refresh page after save properly

      User coming to page think Adding a new address and a new person but in fact no new
      address added because of business I describe above

      Any ideas how I can implement this?

      Appreciate that


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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          from your description it is not clear why the page doesn't refresh. It could be a problem in your implementation code - who knows. What if you perform the address check on a command button that actually submits the new address? If the check returns true (address exists) you would call row.refresh(forget new row); and re-query the view object so the address coming from the database is displayed. If you wanted to use the doDML then yuou need to be aware that doDML doesn't help removing the row the user created. It just ignores the database update but the entity is still around, which in my suggested solution wont be the case.