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    Bridges monitoring not showing the newly configured Bridges

      Hi all,

      We have two WebLogic JMS- WebLogic JMS bridges to configure, we did with the appropriate XA based bridges with QoS as "Exactly-once". Both Source and Target Message destinations are defined as per the definitions and also configured Connection Factory separately configured for XA based messages. it is assigned to respective source and target connection factories. After doing every step that required for configuration of Bridges. When we clicked the monitoring tab these 2 bridges are not visible in the list. Strange thing!

      Wehave configured another 8 bridges to MQ Series, the are visible in the monitoring tab but they are showing Warn messge "unable to connect to target".

      WebLogic version (11g)
      Operating environment: Oracle Enterprise Linux 5

      Anyone have such experiance in bridge configuration?

      Please suggest what we are missing in the configuration? is there any bug? Security concern?