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      Hi Experts,

      I have one question.

      If a customer wants to order 100 items (bulk order) at a time is it possible to process this order in bpel order processing.(for example 100 mobile phones through on line)
      and only one po.xml is enough?

      please explain

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          You can read 1 po file, with 100 orders, and send them to a target system (EBS for example, using API).
          So, for that example you can call the API 100 times. Or a better solution, is to create a procedure that will get a table of records with all the data, and within it call the API.
          According to your requirements, you can also create a sub process that will get 1 PO and call the target system. In the parent process (the one that polls the file) you will run the loop 100 times and call the sub process.