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    upgradation from to

      Hi Guru's,

      We are planning to upgrade entire hyperion suite from to
      Please guide me through any reference documents.
      is there any patch available for upgrading to or do we need to do a fresh installation of ?

      With Regards,
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          All the documents you need are available at - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17236_01/nav/portal_1.htm


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            Hi Sunil,

            we can do upgrade in 2 ways:
            1. On existing machines, we can upgrade hyperion to
            2. Install hyperion version on the new servers then collect some files from hyperion version then upgrade the hyperion using epm configurator.
            Third option: upgrade from the earlier release

            Here: for shared services data, you have run hssmigrate.bat
            for Essbase data, you have to run Essmigratetool.bat file.

            you can find these files in the extracted hyperion software folder, named as "Migration"

            Refer: upgrade from the earlier release.

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              Though your question is on the different ways to upgrade, I would still suggest you -

              1. To check the application stability in current release.
              2. To check for any native formulas which are defined in Essbase (tagged as HSP_UDF in Planning).
              3. To check whether the members in application library and dimension library are in sync (if members are shared), if not note the difference, as LCM migration will bring the properties from the Shared library; for instance if there are any additional MF's or whether the members are tagged for Two Pass calc etc.

              Let me know if that helps.

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                Hi Mady,

                Thanks for your time

                i would like to know how can we upgrade from to on existing machines ?
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                  We have distributed environment and clustering is also there in current version so our client is planning to have a same kind of setup.

                  we have all modules essbase , planning , hfm , fr , fdqm , strategic finance and drm.

                  could you please suggest us what approach would be better? i mean new installation of and then migrating it to this or any other option available ?
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                    Hi sunil,

                    follow the instructions from epm_install_1112200---> upgrade section.

                    first we have to collect all the data, whatever we need for upgrade as mentioned in the document(epm_install_1112200)
                    for Shared services, we have to hssmigrate.bat file in the Foundation server(verify 32 bit and 64 bit)

                    for Essbase, we have to run essStage.bat http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17236_01/epm.1112/epm_install_11121/frameset.htm?ch05s06s03s01.html

                    for remaining products, we have to copy some files as mentioned in the document

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