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    Bug Report Form in OAM access console

    M Knaveen
      Hi Experts,

      We are using OAM 10g(
      Whenever we are accessing access console ,getting the issue

      Bug Report Form
      An error has occurred while executing the application.
      Your browser does not support automatic mail sending.
      Please E-Mail to the following information

      Your Name
      E-Mail Address
      Phone Number
      Make sure to append the following traceback in the mail.
      Traceback Traceback is unavailable.

      Product NetPoint Access System Version Build BP10a
      Platform Sun Microsystems Solaris

      we followed the steps mentioned in oracle document to enable the EnableTraceback parameter value to true and restarted the access server. <SimpleList>

      But Still the problem exists.can someone let me know why it is happenning?
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          Hi Kishore,

          Without the traceback, it isn't possible to say what the problem is, hopefully there would be some errors/warnings in the oblog.log file for any or all of the following components:

          - Policy Manager
          - WebPass
          - Identity Server
          (the last two components because the Access System Console sits on top of the WebPass).

          Quite often, such messages occur because of some problem accessing the ldap repository - could the OAM user's password have expired, or a problem with connectivity to ldap or certificates?

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            M Knaveen
            Hi Colin,

            i have checked the oblog.log under oam_install/access/oblix/logs and seeing something like

            2013/03/18@02:01:23.266108 UTC - Access Server File Logger
            <Year/Mon/Day@Hour:Min:Sec.Milsec>     <Process_Id>     <Thread_Id>     <Module>     <Level>     <Code>     <File:Line>     "<Message>"     <Named_Values...>
            2013/03/18@05:59:52.603329     20000     50     DB_RUNTIME     WARNING     0x0000000A     /export/build40/Oblix/10143hf/np_common/db/ldap/util/ldap_util.cpp:137     "Directory is unreachable, down, or incorrect connection parameters were specified"     function^LDAPSearchS()     DN^cn=OesUser,ou=domain,dc=bile,dc=com     
            2013/03/18@05:59:52.603817     20000     50     DB_RUNTIME     WARNING     0x00000504     /export/build40/Oblix/10143hf/np_common/db/ldap/util/ldap_util.cpp:163     "Exception during DB runtime code"     function^GetDBEntry()     
            2013/03/18@06:08:04.099522     20000     28     DB_RUNTIME     WARNING     0x0000000A     /export/build40/Oblix/10143hf/np_common/db/ldap/util/ldap_util.cpp:137     "Directory is unreachable, down, or incorrect connection parameters were specified"     function^LDAPSearchS()     DN^cn=orcladmin,ou=employee,dc=bile,dc=com     
            2013/03/18@06:08:04.100004     20000     28     DB_RUNTIME     WARNING     0x00000504     /export/build40/Oblix/10143hf/np_common/db/ldap/util/ldap_util.cpp:163     "Exception during DB runtime code"     function^GetDBEntry()     

            2013/03/18@06:26:11.120894 UTC - Access Server File Logger
            <Year/Mon/Day@Hour:Min:Sec.Milsec>     <Process_Id>     <Thread_Id>     <Module>     <Level>     <Code>     <File:Line>     "<Message>"     <Named_Values...>

            but i could not fine anything specific from here regarding the bug report issue.
            Do you need any more info/details on this