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    Using DAC for running Non BIApps infa jobs n running 2 EP in parallel


      We have already setup BI Apps prod environment using DAC, Informatica and OBIEE 11g for one of our customer.

      Now, we want to check possibility of using DAC for running Non BIApps related informatica jobs.
      (As we have only weekly run of DAC execution plan on weekends and Informatica and DAC are idle most of the time during weekdays)

      Customer wants a separate new small datamart to be setup which will cater reporting requirements for different department and has no relation or any link with existing BI Apps datawarehouse.

      Just wanted to check if it will violate licensing terms (if we use DAC for Non BI Apps workflows and run another EP)?

      Also, is DAC Build capable of running two execution plans in parallel?

      We heard long back that running two EP parallel feature will be lunched in DAC 11g version. Any pointers or new in this space?

      Thanks in Advance,