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    Missing "Select a Template" when editing asset?

      Okay, I need some input here!

      We recently upgraded from Fatwire 7.5 to Webcenter Sites.
      I now a have question about something, for which I don't know if it is caused by an error, a misconfiguration, or is just a new feature, in the Webcenter Sites UI for admin and contributor.

      Like I would always do in Fatwire, in the admin-interface, I created a new template that applies to a subtype of a specific asset-type.
      In the contributor-interface I then created a new asset of that specific asset-type and subtype, and then I want to select a template to render my asset. But when editing the asset, the field "Select a Template" is not present (the drop-down where I usually select a template is missing).

      When I "inspect" the asset, I can see that "Template: No template specified", but when I edit the asset the "Select a Template"-field is gone???

      Further info:
      - No errors is thrown in the log.
      - My user has been granted all rights.
      - if I inspect an exiting asset, created before the upgrade til Webcenter Sites, the asset will have a rendering template assigned, but when I edit an exciting asset the "Select a Template"-part is missing.

      Do you have any inputs to this behavior, what can be wrong?

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