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    Orders placed from iStore are with status Entered - Notified

      Hi All,

      When I am placing the order from the iStore, the order gets created in Entered status with workflow having the status Notified but there is no notification generated in the system. Can someone please let me know what steps need to be performed inorder to make the order in booked status OR what setups are needed to generate the notification? I tried the same steps from Quoting module and I was able to create the order in booked status directly. Only difference in iStore and Quoting is that quote was approved in Quoting wherein there is no approval defined for iStore.

      Thanks a ton for your help.

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          Hello Shree,

          Confirm you have profile option:

          "ASO: Default Order State" = Booked

          If this is already set to Booked, there may have been an error which caused it to be generated in Entered status.
          This is controlled by profile option
          "IBE: Create Order in Entered State, if it has errors while booking"

          Be sure you have set these profiles to get details on any error messages -

          IBE: Default Order Admin to Send Workflow Notification = Set this to the Oracle Workflow username of the appropriate user.
          IBE: Email Address to Send Diagnostic Messages = Set this to the e-mail address that should receive diagnostic messages

          Confirm you have setup Workflow and enabled the iStore place order notification as per iStore documentation Chapter 35 'Integrating Oracle iStore with Oracle

          Review the end of the iStore debug logs for status of the Submit_Quote such as "End of submit_quote x_return_status".
          Please open an SR if need assistance in analyzing the logs.

          Deborah Bourgeois
          Oracle Customer Support
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            Thanks Deborah.

            After setting the profile "ASO: Default Order State" to Booked, the orders are getting created in Booked status. However my requirement is to have the approval setup before booking the order so that any discounts/special handling can be taken care. Is there a way we can build approval hierarchy for iStore orders before booking them (salesrep is setup per customer, so we would like to route the quote/order for approval to the right salesrep before booking)? Would it be possible to achieve this using AME (Approval Management Engine) or should we modify the istore workflow to meet our needs? Would it be possible to get the order created in Entered status, send a notification to the salesrep for approval before booking?

            Also I couldn't find the profiles you mentioned, found the below instead.
            IBE: Order Administrator for Booking Issues
            IBE: Order Administrator

            However, I am not able to set the value to the profile "IBE: Order Administrator" at application level (no list of values found error). Profile SQL refers to HR_EMPLOYEES_CURRENT_V which is a context based view and I am able to get records from this view in SQL Developer by setting the context, not sure why this doesn't fetch records at application/responsibility level

            Please provide your inputs. Thanks again for all the help.

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              Hello Shree,

              The correct profile name in Release 12 is the "IBE: Order Administrator for Booking Issues"
              This is to enable workflow notifications to be sent for any errors during booking of the orders.

              The profile "IBE: Order Administrator" is for the Order Administrator for Partner Orders.
              This is used to send notification by Partner and Partner Primary users.

              iStore does not have approvals for different order statuses. However, Quoting does have this functionality. Requesting Sales Assistance for an order will allow processing of the approvails and sends an email to the customer and to the Salesrep .
              See setups and details for the Sales Assistance -
              Oracle iStore Implementation and Administration Guide Release 12.1 (Part No. E13575-06)
              Chapter 14 Implementing Customer Assistance and Sales Assistance Process Flow' section on page 14-2

              Deborah Bourgeois
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