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    adding a title to new report


      I have created many reports in DESKTOP but for some reason I now created a new report in DESKTOP and cannot double-click to open the title box to edit.


      Any ideas? (I tried creating it again but it didn't help).

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          Tamir Lazover
          Hi Leah,
          have you tried doing that from the menu?

          Sheet | Edit Title

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            Hi Tamir,

            Yes I did and it didn't help. I do not have the problem when I create a report in PLUS - afterwards I can go into DESKTOP and edit the title. However, a report which I now create in DESKTOP, cannot have the title edited in PLUS either. Old reports are all fine. By the way, this is the case in both the test and production environments.

            I spoke to the DBA and the only change that was made was an increase in memory. He might decrease the memory again to see if that changes anything.

            In the meantime, I will not be at work today and will not return to work until April 2nd.

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              Are your Plus and Desktop same version of Discoverer? I noticed once when I had Desktop and Discoverer installed on server was patched to a higher version, so Plus and viewer were different version than my Desktop. So all reports I create/modify using Desktop acted up wierd.
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                I just sent an e-mail to our DBA to ask him about patches that might have been installed. I think that the last report that I created was in January.

                I will let you know once I get a response. Thanks.

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                  I just wanted you to know that our DBA is going to check out updating our DESKTOP version to to match the PLUS version. He felt that you made a good point.

                  It might take awhile, but I will let you know what is doing.

                  Thanks again.
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                    The Disco Administrator was updated and now the client version is compatable with the server.

                    At this point, until we upgrade to Discoverer 11.2 I am not really using DESKTOP because there are too many problems.

                    I am creating all reports in PLUS (either Hebrew or English). In order to put them into production, I am using the Administrator export/import.

                    Because of a BUG, I cannot export to production using the existing name.

                    I import the reports into production with a new name and then save them with the existing report name in production.

                    Thank you.