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    Windows 64-bit + OBIEE 11g + Internet Explorer 10

    Mark T.
      Not a question this time, just an observation about the interaction between OBIEE and IE 10 on 64-bit Windows.

      After installing OBIEE on 64-bit Windows, the Analytics environment worked fine in IE 10. When starting BI Services from the Start menu everything was fine.

      Prior to installing any patch sets, I installed the two Windows Services (Admin Server, Managed Server). At that point, the Analytics environment on Internet Explorer 10 would not work properly (Firefox was fine).

      - The login screen has the User and Password fields all the way on the left of the screen, but I am able to log in to analytics.

      - Clicking New...Analysis does nothing. No subject area list, no blank field where a list should be, just nothing. It's like clicking on air.

      - Selecting Administration ... Manage Privileges takes me to the correct screen, but there is no scroll bar on the right side.

      I accessed Programs and Features ... Installed Updates, and Uninstalled Windows Internet Explorer 10. This rolls IE back to IE 9.

      After restarting the machine, Analytics works just fine in IE9.

      After installing the patchset, Analytics still works just fine in IE9. After reinstalling IE10, Analytics is back to its same broken state.

      Takeaway: Don't use IE10 with OBIEE 11g (at least through the patchset) on 64-bit Windows.