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    Main and Secondary windows

      I'm using AutoVue 20.2.0 Desktop Deployment to display AutoCAD drawings, both vector and composite.

      Where do I find out more details about the use of this AutoVue Secondary window. I'm seeing that the ini file settings are not being used when the drawing is the second or subsequent file to be opened.

      Also the ability to open multiple drawings (or files) on first request seems to halt the opening of secondary windows. But when you have a Main Autovue window open, the Secondary windows open with multiple drawings (or files).

      Your thoughts and questions are very welcomed.

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          Khalid AV

          Which INI options are you using that are not taking effect in the Secondary window?

          Can you also provide some information about your deployment? (What system are you integrated with? Which version of Java are you running? Which OS?)

          Thank you
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            Thanks 754009.

            The VECTORFIT=1 is not working.

            Deployment: AutoVue Desktop Deployment 20.2.0 We are integrating with an AutoCAD drawings repository system and the deployment of java is the one that came standard with 20.2 at the time so that is 1.6.0_26.

            How is it used? The application calling for the opening of one or multiple drawings (.DWG) using a direct path call to the standard autovue.exe path (C:\ORACLE\AutoVue Desktop Deployment\bin) each call is made individually. I dont have control over how the calls are made .
            The same functionality works in a command shell, so its not the calling method. Steps to replicate? Pick 4 drawings and script it up in a text viewer with each drawing being called by autovue.exe on a separate line. Ensure there is a CR after the last line. Then Copy the text and Paste into a cmd shell.

            I like the concept of the Secondary window because you can close all Secondary windows by closing the Main window.

            The other thing is that when I make a multiple call without any AutoVue running, only the Main window opens with the last requested drawing. If you perform the same multiple call again, all the drawings open in Secondary windows. So do I need another process (e.g. the document server) running in the background to make it work?

            So my Questions are:
            1) what INI file controls the Secondary window
            2) where is any documentation that relates to the Secondary window and how it works
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              Khalid AV

              VECTORFIT=1 works fine when you open a secondary window through the AutoVue Desktop Deployment User Interface by selecting File -> New Window.

              I created a script similar to what you described and I was able to reproduce the problem you described. I also tried the following:
              - Making one call to autovue.exe with all four files
              - Setting the Autovue command line parameter NEWWINDOW to both TRUE and FALSE in autovue.properties
              Neither of these attempts solve your problem.

              I would recommend logging an SR for this issue.

              To answer your other question about making multiple calls without AutoVue running, yes you need to have an instance of autovue.exe running before running your script that opens files to ensure each file is opened in a separate window. However, I would strongly recommend changing your script so that you make a single call to autovue.exe and pass all the files you want to open as parameters. For example,

              call autovue.exe "C:\File1.dwg" "C:\File2.dwg" "C:\File3.dwg"

              I hope this helps
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                It helps to know that the problem is reproducible in the outside world!

                During further testing in the 4 line script, I found that if I add a sleep command of 2 seconds after the first line it will then open the Main window then open the Secondary windows.

                Example text file:
                C:\ORACLE\AutoVue Desktop Deployment\bin\autovue.exe C:\drawings\viewing\A_394_7.DWG
                sleep 2
                C:\ORACLE\AutoVue Desktop Deployment\bin\autovue.exe C:\drawings\viewing\A_394_11.DWG
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