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    Documaker 12.1 Installation in 3 tiers

      I want to install Documaker in three tiers : 1. Presentation Layer , 2. Application Layer and 3.DB . I suppose this is doable . If yes then what are the steps do so ? If not then the tiers given in http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E22582_01/documaker_enterprise_ig.pdf reference guide in architecture overview section are logical only ? and Documaker will actually have only two tiers of installation first having WebLogic, SOA, Documaker and a DB tier to host all config , metadata etc.

      I am not able to find suitable resource which can guide me through a tiered installation on documaker maker. Apart from that I am looking for capacity planning or sizing guide for Documaker 12.1 as I need to calculate the processor required and memory etc for my environments.

      Thanks in advance for any help and direction.
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          calittle - oracle
          The installation guide you mentioned provides the information needed to install ODEE into 3 distinct areas: web application server, database, and backend services. This generally correspond to the 3 tiered approach described as presentation, application, and data. The web applications are deployed to WebLogic server in a new domain as part of the installation process described in the installation guide. The database schema and data are installed using a set of SQL scripts generated by the installer - you must follow the installation guide for correct deployment of these scripts. Finally, the back end services are deployed on the application server during installation. As mentioned in the installation guide, the installer process is run on the application server, then you must copy certain components to the appropriate servers for deployment (eg database and web). All of this is covered in much detail, step by step, in the installation guide.
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            Thanks Andy! Appreciate your response. I went through the guide. I am having three physical server A, B and C. Web Logic and SOA will be installed on server A. Documaker Factory and Hot folder on Server B. All databases used on server C ( this include Db for SOA and ODEE). While going through the guide I am not clear how I can install ODEE interactive and administration on server A. Then install Only ODEE Hot folder and Factory on Server B. Is there a configuration Db which is created and know what Oracle ODEE component have to be installed on which server. I am a novice and trying to figure out how three tier deployment is done for Documaker.
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              calittle - oracle
              Install ODEE to Server B. This will create a folder structure within the install directory (which I'll call ODEE_HOME) like this:

              \database\oracle11g - SQL scripts to run on database. Copy to Server C and run, or run from Server B, does not matter which.
              \j2ee\weblogic\oracle11g - copy this to Server A and run installation scripts.

              All of this is detailed in the instruction manual in the section labelled "Stage 3: Post-Setup".