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    SRS 5.4 on S11.1 - Why the GNOME Lock Downs?

      Testing the SRS 5.4 Solaris desktop on x86 Solaris 11.1.

      Why were such restrictive GNOME lock downs enabled for regular users by default?

      As a regular user, simple preferences are unchangeable. You can't add icons to your desktop, you can't add icons to an existing panel, you can't add a new panel, you can't add launchers to panels, you can't adjust preferences for existing widgets (like the Workspace Switcher), etc.

      Looks like a new GNOME gconf config source was introduced (gconf.xml.multi.user.desktop.mandatory) w/ the new Multi-User desktop pkg in SRS 5.4. Looks like the following restrictive parameters...

      /apps/panel/global/locked_down true
      /desktop/gnome/lockdown/disable_command_line true
      /desktop/gnome/lockdown/restrict_application_launching true

      ...were the culprit. Can someone offer some background, please?

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          A little more background on this. There appear to be 2 packages added during SRS 5.4 installation. Removal of 1, resolved this issue...

          pkg uninstall gnome/config/gconf/multi-user-desktop

          Now regular users can operate reasonably in a GNOME environment. SRS 5.4 continues to function fine w/out this pkg.

          Still don't understand why the product would be released w/ such harsh GNOME lock downs. A regular user should have access to reasonable preferences.