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    Error In Hyperion Webspace ... Can Not Connect to Web Client

      Hi ...

      When ever I connect to Hyperion Workspace, try to get data through Web Client it gives the following error.

      "server error [1003]: failed to acquire access to database. SQL API:[SQLConnectW]. SQL RETURN: [-1], SQL STATE: [IM002], SQL NATIVE ERROR: [0], SQL MESSAGE: [[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]Data source name not found and no default driver specified]"

      I have made the following installation and all of them are working perfectly fine.

      01) Windows 7 64 bit
      02) Hyperion Interactive Reporting
      03) IBM DB2 9.7
      04) Sql Server 2005

      I have done the following steps:

      01) Create Data Source (ds Sql)
      Start --- Control Panel --- Administration Tool --- Data Sources (ODBC) --- User DSN --- Add --- Sql Server --- Do the rest of the steps and Check The Connection, It Says Successfull. Save it as "ds Sql"

      02) Create .OCE File In Hyperion Interactive Report (ds Sql.oce)
      File --- New --- A New Database Connection File ---- ODBC , ODBC --- Host: ds Sql --- Finish --- Save It as "ds Sql.oce"

      03) Import The ds Sql.oce File To Workspace
      Open Workspace with Administrator Account --- Click on root Folder ---- Right Click on root Folder --- Import --- File --- Select ds Sql.oce File --- Next ---
      Data source access : Use the User Name And Password Below --- Next --- Next --- Give Access to World --- Finish.

      04) Create Data Access Service in Workspace (ds SQL)
      Navigate --- Administer --- Reporting & Analysis --- Services --- Right Click on Interactive Reporting Data Access Service --- Data Source Tab
      New --- Connectivity Type: ODBC , Database Type: ODBC, Data Source Name: ds Sql.

      05) Restart Interactive Reporting Data Access Service Or Even Restart All Services and Login Back.

      I have done the same with IBM DB2 9.7 as well as Sql Server 2005 Same Error...

      Can some one help me how to get rid of this error.
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          Krishna Kumar K P-Oracle
          Can you confirm if you have used the 32 bit ODBC drivers when created the DSN. In 64 bit Windows the 32-bit version of the Odbcad32.exe file is located in the %systemdrive%\Windows\SysWoW64 folder.

          Check the Microsoft article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942976

          Try re-creating the DSN with the 32 bit ODBC driver and recreate the OCE with that and check.
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            Thank You For Help.

            Yes I have create the odbc through C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe. But Still same error.

            I had made fresh installation overnight from formating windows till installation of Hyperion Interactive Reporting but still I stuck in same error.

            With Hyperion Interactive Studio it is working fine. But if I run the same report through workspace or try to connect to web client it gives this error.

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              Vivek Chetiaparath
              Did you try to use ODBC/SQL server rather than ODBC/ODBC?..You will have to make changes in DSN,OCE and DAS and then restart DAS.

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                Yes, I tried that as well. Did'nt work. Same I tried for IBM Db2 as well --- ODBC --- DB2.

                We are using old version of Hyperion 8.3, which is working perfectly fine from last 10 years. I was given a task to prepare a demo for Hyperion so that we can think of moving over to new one. All of my reports are on .BQY document.

                Thanks for all of you who helped me but I am still stuck and have tried almost every possbile thing which comes to my mind.
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                  Since you have allready tried out couple of stuff, so nothing much to offer.

                  but consider this.

                  take one of your old bqy (guess it is still 8.3.x)
                  convert it to 9.x
                  then upload this converted 9.x to 11.x workspace.
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                    Problem Solved.

                    First of all Thanks for all of you for Helping me Out...

                    Three things to keep in mind.

                    01) First to create Data Source with 32 bit ODBC File which Mr. Krishna Kumar told me. Thanks Mr. Krishna.
                    C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe --- System DSN --- Add --- SQL Server or IBM DB2 ODBC Driver --- Finish ---- Click on Data Souce --- Click Configure ---- Save User ID and Password

                    02) Use ODBC --- DB2 or ODBC --- MS Sql Server while creating .oce file From Hypeiorn Interactive Studio, which Mr. Vivek Chetiapar told me. Thanks Mr. Vivek.

                    03) To access data from web client in Hyperion Workspace or Connecting our .BQY reports to database we have to create data source in our computer first then on Hyperion Workspace. Both Data Source name should be same always (Case sensitive) and data connection file which is .oce file should always be different name as compared to data source.

                    Data Source : dsHyperion
                    Data Connection : dcHyperion

                    All above is what I learned from my experiance, I am sorry if I have mention some thing wrong but the fact is it works with me........

                    Thanks Every One.......