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    unable to sync datafile in dataguard ASM oracle 10g R2

      I am using datagurd for my personal PC (vmware) , OS-Solaris 10 x86, DB-oracle 10gR2.
      I am using a database db_name=test & db_uniq_name=test(primary) and standby db_unique_name=test2(standby)
      In test instance I have two ASM diskgroup (DBDG, HISTDG) and for test2 two more diskgroups: (DBDG1 & HISTDG1).

      Prob : Now when I am creating any tablespace in DBDG (test instance) same getting replicated immediate in test2(DBDG1) but when I am creating tablespace in HISTDG diskgroup from test instance the same is not getting copied to HISTDG1 in test2 instance .Same is immediately getting replicated to DBDG1(test2 instance) but not in HISTDG1 diskgroup

      Appreciate for response.


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