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    Access static file from apache to tomcat web applications


      I know that this is a Java forum, but still yiu guys can help me as I didn't got any answer in Apache forum. Hence please apologize.

      I have my static files loaded in c:/apache/htdocs, I need to access that in my web application running in tomcat server.
      For example

      In c:/apache/htdocs, i have an images folder with static images which I am accessing in my web application


      In my web application i am accessing like

      But using the above I am unable to access the image from the Apache. Whether we need to integrate Apache & tomcat using
      mod_jk, what are the other configuration we need to provide for this work?

      In httpd.config I have added the below:-

      <VirtualHost <IP address>:80>
      DocumentRoot "c:/apache/htdocs"

      In tomcat web application I am accessing like:-

      When access the 1.gif in my webapplication that image is not displayed? Is there any other config I need to do in apache web server?