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    Gap Detection & Resolution

      Hello all,

      I have one query regarding Gap detection & resolution.

      1) On a DB with physical standby, gap detection and resolution happened using automatic gap resolution without setting FAL_server and FAL_Client on the standby. So I would like to know why should one set the said parameters?

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          Well, please refer to below link


          it's says that automatic gap resolution doesn't require any setting but primary should be available. For FAL_SERVER, you can specify name for other standby by , oracle stream also from where you can get the archive log too, in case primary not available for some reason.


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            On Oracle 10 FAL_SERVER and FAL_CLIENT are only required if the other parameter is specified.

            When a database is running in the standby role, it uses FAL_SERVER from which to fetch (request) missing archived redo log files if Primary is unable to automatically send the missing log files.

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