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    Change default context of EAR file

      I'm deploying an EAR file on weblogic 10.3.4. The EAR file contains a war file and a jar file that implements web services using EJBs.

      The application deploys and is functioning correctly. The application is available from the following URLs:
      web application: http://hostname:8001/http/webServlet/index.jsp
      web services: http://hostname:8001/wsapi/Service1 and http://hostname:8001/wsapi/Service2

      However, I would like configure the deployment to insert the "app1" string into the URL so the application is available like this:
      web application: http://hostname:8001/app1/http/webServlet/index.jsp
      web services: http://hostname:8001/app1/wsapi/Service1 and http://hostname:8001/app1/wsapi/Service2

      Does anyone know if this is possible? I've been looking at some of the configuration options in deployment plans, but can't seem to get anything working.


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          Did you you try configuring it in the application.xml file with something like
          <module id="yourWebModule">
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