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    Auto Update


      We have a requirement to use J 6_35 in our office environment however im having issues on Windows 7 machines whereby the auto-update cant be turned off. Installing the 32bit version shows me the update tab in the control panel but auto-update re-enables itself as soon as you close the control panel. I have some machines with 32+64bit version and there is no update tab in the control panel but it still offers the J7_17 update constantly.

      Am i missing something or is Java7_17 forced regardless of settings now?
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          First of all 64-bit builds of Java do no have the auto-update feature. So you should only have to worry about Java using 32-bit (x86). You can turn off the AU a number of ways. Create a file called "Java Policy - Disable Auto Updates.reg" and paste the following text into it.


          Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


          [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Update\Policy]



          Then if you have a batch file you use to install Java on the workstation then just add the following lines to the batch file:


          XCOPY "\\\Java_Updates\*.reg" "C:\Java_Updates\" /E /Y /V /I /Q /R

          CD "C:\Java_Updates\"

          RegEdit /s "Java Policy - Disable Auto Updates.reg"


          You can also look up what's called a deployment.properties file (or d.p). It usually goes into "C:\Windows\Sun\Java\Deployment" and you can list different properties that you'd see in the control panel. Then you can set the default values and/or lock that property so users cannot change them. Keep in mind that this d.p file is mostly broken in some of the latest builds of v7.