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    Oracle Database Appliance


      As of now we have Oracle database on IBM's P-Series server and for DR we was using Snap Mirror to replicate data to the DR site.

      We are looking at Oracle Database Appliance and I am wondering - "how do we do DR on this?"

      and yes, we are not looking at DataGuard for DR purpose.

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          Only way to do DR is 'Oracle DATAGUARD'. No other way if you are using ODA or Exadata. You will have to spend on extra oracle licensing for DR site. This is the only option.
          Other option is to send (RMAN or Export) Backup Tapes to your DR site. This is the old conventional way.

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            Even with Exadata, we have to use Data Guard if we want to provide DR capability.
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              This means that we need to buy TWO Oracle Database Appliance and on top of it we need to have DataGuard licenses.

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                For consistency purposes YES, you will need to buy two ODA's and YES you will have to buy Oracle licenses. Normally you get a good discount for Oracle DR licenses.

                let me tell you one thing, if you are using good servers and using terabytes of EMC or other expensive storage than it make sense to go with ODA's. ODA's cost around 50K and it comes with 11 TB of storage(3.5 usable). Now you can compare this with the cost of 2 other servers and 11 TB of expensive storage. The difference could cover your Oracle DR licensing cost if you do your Mathematics right. :)

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                  Yes, but you do have the ability to pay even MORE money and use Active Data Guard, thus making real use of that Standby database...
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                    I have a second ODA for DR with appropriate licenses. I also have GoldenGate licenses, which includes the use of Active Data Guard.

                    Now, if you don't have that kind of a budget, there is no saying you can't solve it the old fashioned way. When it comes down to it, the ODA is just a couple of linux boxes running Oracle.

                    Among other things, this involves:

                    * Configure a suitable instance on a DR server. Keep the instance shut down.
                    * Clone the physical database from production to DR on a daily basis.
                    * Set your archive_lag_target to 300 on production to trigger log switches every 5 minutes
                    * Ship the archive log files to the DR site using rsync, scp, nfs or any other solution of your choice.
                    * Activating the DR database requires you to start the instance and apply the archived redo logs.

                    Voila, instant 5 minute data loss disaster recovery. Well, maybe not instant, but no additional licenses are required :-)